Team Coaching

Why Team Coaching?

Team coaching addresses productivity and positivity of the team, while also focusing on healthy disagreement, efficient delivery, and collaborative impact. It results in improved trust and engagement of all team members, higher-performance, improved talent retention, and greater impact across the business.

Benefits of Team Coaching

  • Transparency. Team members learn exactly what is required of them, both individually and collectively, empowering them to do their best work as a team.
  • Alignment. Team members develop recognition of the importance of their work and how it fits into the overall mission and goals of their organization. This results in a shared passion around the team’s purpose.
  • Engagement. Team members build a culture of camaraderie, with strong interest in others’ successes, development, and growth.
  • Commitment. Team members learn how to establish solid partnerships with their sponsors/stakeholders.
  • Growth. Team members increase appreciation of their work and the experiences it provides. Setbacks become opportunities for personal development and challenges will inspire creativity and teamwork.
  • Respect. Team members become open-minded and accept the others for who they are, even when they do not agree with them. The relationships across the team become grounded in feelings of trust, safety, and mutual support.
  • Authenticity. Team members benefit from the personal growth of team leaders who adopt beliefs to ensure they are true to their word and genuinely care about their team’s feelings and well-being. Leaders become more open and approachable, and are better at providing feedback.
  • Inclusiveness. Team members become empowered to work collaboratively while embracing and respecting the unique contributions of each team member. This leads to courageous conversations in which everyone’s voice is heard.

Real teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage because it is so powerful and so rare!

“Only the person who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat.”
– Jean-Paul Satre

“I initially had a narrow vision of where coaching could take the team I lead – but the trust, communication, and collaboration that Carrie was able to foster drove our group dynamic to an entirely new level. The outcome exceeded my expectations in every possible way, and the results are benefiting the broader organization!”

–R.L., Chief Technical Architect, Birmingham, MI