Frequently Asked Questions

A consultant is an expert in particular subject-matter who provides advice. The person seeking this subject matter expertise is typically looking to be told what to do and how to do it.

A coach is an expert in helping their clients discover their own answers. A coach needn’t be a specialist in your industry or specific job – this is your area of expertise. With the help of a good coach, you will learn a new way of thinking, approach and/or methodology so you and your team can get the results you are looking for.

Coaching is effective because it focuses exclusively on you – who you are as a person, your vision, your values, and your commitment to sustainable positive growth.

Coaching offers you a trusted, collaborative partnership to create viable strategies and achieve what truly matters most to you (and not anyone else).

A coach supports and motivates you, holds you accountable, and celebrates your successes along the way. However, you determine why, when and how you will change, the key reason for coaching’s effectiveness.

Coaching sessions can be conducted in whichever ways that work best for YOU. Most coaching was being done very effectively on a remote basis even before the rest of the business world caught up during the pandemic.

  • Phone
  • Online Platforms (with/without video)
  • In-person
Most clients start to see some results almost immediately. Progress largely depends on your level of commitment and opportunity to apply the self-realization that comes from your coaching sessions.

Those who benefit the most from coaching are open-minded, honest, and fully committed to accomplishing their goals.

Chemistry between you and your coach is critical. You should speak to a few different coaches to see who you feel a connection with. Background, training, and experience are also good indicators of a coach’s capabilities. Ensure that these are in line with your requirements/expectations and up to your own personal high standards.
My primary focus is coaching business professionals, including leaders and teams. While career transition and/or personal life matters may be topics that my client explores during our session, these are not my specialty areas.

I am happy to refer you to coaches in my network that provide life or career transition services, or to resources where you can research coaches specifically focused on your requirements.

Coaching is not inexpensive – but the right coach will deliver you benefits worth many times the cost. My rates are competitive with other coaches of similar skills, credentials and experience. We can discuss coaching packages that best meet your needs and budget. And if you determine after our first session that you do not wish to proceed, this session is on me!

In many instances, the cost of 1:1 or Team Coaching are covered by employers. Speak to your supervisor or human resources department to see if this is a benefit provided in your organization. After all, a more effective YOU ultimately benefits your company and everyone around you.

The best leaders are highly aware of how they “show up” and how they are experienced by others. They are the leaders that thrive at an accelerated pace. These are the leaders with high emotional intelligence.

The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i2.0) is a psychometric assessment which measures emotional intelligence. Its results reflect one’s overall well-being and ability to succeed in life; it is proven to be a key indicator of one’s performance and development potential.

I am certified in EQ-i2.0 and can help you understand your level of emotional intelligence and work with you to further develop in this critical area.

“Carrie is an effective, highly professional coach. She is skilled at listening, asking insightful questions, and conversing intelligently to get at the heart of the matter. I left every conversation with new perspectives and actionable steps to increase my success. Carrie’s coaching helped me gain greater self-awareness and confidence, putting me on track to be my very best. This was an invaluable experience for my growth!”

–E.L., Human Resources Professional, Vancouver, BC